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HY-PRO Drilling Promotion

Valid from Jan 2nd ~ May 31st 2019

HY-PRO Drilling Promotion

HYP-HP-3D Carbide, 3D Drilling

HYP-HPO-3D Carbide, 3D Drilling, Internal Coolant

HYP-HPO-3D-HE Carbide, 3D Drilling, Internal coolant, Whistle Notch

HYP-HP-5D Carbide, 5D Drilling

HYP-HPO-5D Carbide, 5D Drilling, Internal Coolant

HYP-HPO-5D-HE Carbide, 5D Drilling, Internal coolant, Whistle Notch

HYP-HPO-8D Carbide, 8D Drilling Internal Coolant

HYP-LDS Carbide, For centering and chamfering

* Selection of different diameters possible within set of 4, the smallest size will be free from the same series.